Firearms and Ammunition

Firearms and Ammunition

Taking your rifle to New Zealand is relatively easy. The airlines use United Nations rules–the rifle in a locked case with the bolt removed and no more than 11 pounds of ammunition, in factory boxes, in a separate case or in your luggage.

New Zealand has one police force for the entire nation including the cities. Visiting these web pages will answer all your questions about taking your rifle into New Zealand: and

Sorry to say that semi-auto rifles are very difficult to take in country and handguns are prohibited.

The caliber recommendations are for a .243 Winchester or larger. Any caliber that is based on a .308, 7x57mm or .30-06 case is plenty adequate. Anything larger or more exotic is acceptable. It is far more important to have confidence in the accuracy of the rifle you are shooting and confidence in your ability to use the rifle.

It is highly recommended that you get a certificate of ownership for your rifle from United States Customs before you leave for New Zealand. This will make re-entry into the U.S much easier.

If you choose not to bring your own rifle, there are rifles available for rent at Rata Maire.

For the purists, we do encourage bow hunters and muzzleloader hunters.